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Denis Feletto is a composer living in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy's most North-Eastern region.

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 It has been a great pleasure to me...

It has been a great pleasure to me to work on an swing arrangement of the song I wanna swing like Peter Parker by the band Hell in the Club. It will be performed and recorded by friends of the great Abbey Town Jazz Orchestra, and included in the next Hell in the club’s album. Thank you!

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How would I define myself?

An Arranger, an orchestrator, a software programmer, a music copyist, an educator, a pianist, and a conductor.

These are all the different roles I carry out on a daily basis. However, from a holistic point of view, I would define myself as a composer with fresh ideas, a creative and versatile approach, not afraid to experiment, willing to collaborate and of course, passionate about writing music.

Key Achievements:

    • 2017 Finale certified user
    • 2016 Arranger and Conductor Magister Espresso Orchestra
    • 2016 Composer of “Twinkle Fifth” – Published by The Shanghai Conservatory of Music Press.
    • 2016 Artistic Direction TONY HADLEY (Spandau Ballet) "That's Life" project
    • ​2015 "Segnalazione speciale" to the song "Cantate al Signore un canto nuovo "Premio Accademia Musicale di Oderzo”
    • 2014 "Segnalazione di Merito" to the song "Keep moving from this mountain" VI Concorso Nazionale di Composizione Corale "Nella Città dei Gremi" Sassari
    • 2012 Cooper Quiz for Videonews: score for telecast "CooperQuiz"
    • 2012 Ranked second at Bargajazz International Big Band Composition and Arrangement Contest, with original song "Are you Funking Kidding Me?"
    • 2012 DOP for Videonews: score for telecast "DOP – Territori Eccellenti"
    • 2011 Composer of "Psalm96 – God of the Universe" for mixed Choir SATB and piano, first performed in Alessandria, Italy
    • 2009 Ranked fifth at Bargajazz International Big Band Composition and Arrangement Contest, with Tom Harrell's "Little Dancer" arrangement


    • Master’s Degree in Jazz Music
    • Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering
    • Master’s Degree in Classical Piano

    I aim at constantly writing music for visual media which is moving and exciting.

    Feel free to contact me anytime.



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