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Denis Feletto is a composer living in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy's most North-Eastern region.

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 Happy to announce that I am a Finale certified user.

Happy to announce that I am a Finale certified user. Thanks MakeMusic for the training resources and for the readyness in answering all questions.

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How would I define myself?

An Arranger, an orchestrator, a software programmer, a music copyist, an educator, a pianist, and a conductor.

These are all the different roles I carry out on a daily basis. However, from a holistic point of view, I would define myself as a composer with fresh ideas, a creative and versatile approach, not afraid to experiment, willing to collaborate and of course, passionate about writing music.

Key Achievements:

    • 2017 Finale certified user
    • 2016 Arranger and Conductor Magister Espresso Orchestra
    • 2016 Composer of “Twinkle Fifth” – Published by The Shanghai Conservatory of Music Press.
    • 2016 Artistic Direction TONY HADLEY (Spandau Ballet) "That's Life" project
    • ​2015 "Segnalazione speciale" to the song "Cantate al Signore un canto nuovo "Premio Accademia Musicale di Oderzo”
    • 2014 "Segnalazione di Merito" to the song "Keep moving from this mountain" VI Concorso Nazionale di Composizione Corale "Nella Città dei Gremi" Sassari
    • 2012 Cooper Quiz for Videonews: score for telecast "CooperQuiz"
    • 2012 Ranked second at Bargajazz International Big Band Composition and Arrangement Contest, with original song "Are you Funking Kidding Me?"
    • 2012 DOP for Videonews: score for telecast "DOP – Territori Eccellenti"
    • 2011 Composer of "Psalm96 – God of the Universe" for mixed Choir SATB and piano, first performed in Alessandria, Italy
    • 2009 Ranked fifth at Bargajazz International Big Band Composition and Arrangement Contest, with Tom Harrell's "Little Dancer" arrangement


    • Master’s Degree in Jazz Music
    • Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering
    • Master’s Degree in Classical Piano

    I aim at constantly writing music for visual media which is moving and exciting.

    Feel free to contact me anytime.



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